Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24th of July Weekend

On Saturday morning, I went with my parents to hike Albion Basin at Snowbird ski resort. It was so beautiful but infested with clouds of mosquitoes when we hit the water areas. Despite the little pests, I highly recommend this hike. Give me a ring if you need more info. There were millions of wild flowers and it was shaded in most spots. We went pretty early, at 7:00, so we beat the crowds which was nice.

Then that afternoon we had to work at Dave's sweat shop. We all got together to stuff 500 wedding invitations. Let's just say the detail became sub par after the first 20 or so. Just kidding Jennica. Actually it was fun, and we all owe it to Dave, the last "single son" of the family as he calls himself right now.

Lindsay designed the entire invitation and printed them, ordered the envelopes, the stamp, etc. She is super talented. Below is the invitation. I am offering a give away on my blog for one free template from her. It could be non-wedding, such as a thank you card or baby shower invite. Whoever comments on this post will be entered in the giveaway and I will draw randomly. (I'm trying to be like my sister in law who has an awesome blog that's world-known, we'll see if anyone even reads this. Her blog is found at

Friday, July 23, 2010

We love you Grandma

On July 14th my Grandma Rosa Lee Parkin passed away in her home. She was 85. She was surrounded by her children. I will miss her, but I know that she is in a better place with her husband Jay. At her funeral, all five siblings were able to attend and be together. Family at this time is most important. I surely love them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I had a splendid time with my sister Dana and her two kids. We took TRAX to the SLC Library downtown. Dana and I agree that it was an opportunistic time for Avery and Ian to become educated on different ways of living. For instance, they learned that some people need to take public transportation to get around. They also learned that not all people are nice. As a young woman was departing off the train, she dropped her big jug of orange juice and it spilled all over poor little Ian and his stroller. She scooped up the jug and got off. Avery made the observation of propriety that "she didn't say sorry" and stated this to the homeless-looking man sitting across from us. He laughed along with the others on the train. Ian too it with dignity and continued playing with his beloved truck while Dana wiped him down. At the library we explored the different floors and we were able to access the roof, something I have always wanted to do. The bottom floor has a great childrens section and Avery and Ian were able to play. We took trax to temple square and then to gateway. I got yelled at by the TRAX driver because I used the ramp off of the train to get off with Ian sitting in his stroller. He said it was only for the disabled and I said "what about people in strollers?" I think he lacked any compassion for mothers.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


My brother Dave and I watched the fireworks from his complex right outside BYU stadium last night. Phil was sick so he didn't get to come.
Happy July 4th!!