Sunday, January 2, 2011

Highlights from 2010

So I thought it might be fun to highlight some favorite memories from 2010. I know it is a little cheesy, but it was fun to look back on my year.

I started a new position at Valley Mental Health as a Care Coordinator for children in foster care. I worked in this position for 8 months until I resigned to go back to school.

In February, I took a cake decorating course through community ed with my sister Dana, this was a final product. I enjoyed spending time with Dana, but realized I better keep my day job:).

On April 5th, I became an aunt to really adorable twins, Collin and Keegan.

Philip and I celebrated our first anniversary on May 1st (we went to the Sandy Aquarium which used to be an old grocery store, we found it comical).

In July, my Grandma Rosa Lee Parkin passed away. In August, my Grandpa Jim passed away. These are my siblings and myself at my Grandma's internment. I played the piano at my Grandpa's funeral and it was an honor.

In August, Dave and Jennica were married. We had a lot of fun preparing for their wedding day, which was beautiful!

Also in August, we went to visit Philip's parents in Indiana. We visited Sagatuck, Michigan. It was so much fun! The dune ride scared me, but it was a blast. I loved seeing the Amish, they were so kind.

September I started my Masters of Social Work program at the University of Utah. I also started a year-long practicum (internship) at Redwood Elementary School. It has been going very well, and I am so thankful for my friend Sarah and my husband Philip who influenced me to get my masters--I never imagined doing this before having kids, but I believe this timing is good for us. The picture on the right was taken my last day of work at VMH.

When I went back to school, I started working part time as a Respite Provider for children with Serious Emotional Disorders through VMH. I took them to the state fair one Saturday, they loved it. This work has been extremely hard I must admit, but very rewarding.

In October, a big storm knocked over our trees.

For Thanksgiving, Philip and I drove to Oregon to visit Holly and Cory, along with Philip's relatives. We stayed with Aunt Barbara and Uncle Paul in Woodburn, Oregon (right outside Portland). I loved Oregon, and I loved learning more about Philip's "roots". I would move to Oregon in a heartbeat, it was gorgeous and feels like the right place for us.

In December I got to spend time with friends from high school. I think it's truly amazing we have kept the friendship strong through all these years. We have been through all walks of life and all have diverse experiences to offer. It's great to learn from each others experiences. I love these gals (sorry Rachel you weren't in this picture).

Lastly, Philip's birthday party was on December 31st. Everyone chipped in to get him an AR Drone, something he wanted for a long time. The look on his face was priceless. The party was a lot of fun. Perhaps, with the risk of sounding really sappy, the best part of 2010 was being married to Philip and getting to know him better. I have learned a lot this year about marriage and have made many mistakes. Philip has been extremely patient with me as I have learned and continue to learn about what it takes to make a marriage work. We are very happy together and I am so grateful for him.


Hopes for 2011

I admit that I am happy that 2010 is over and I am ready to start a new year. 2010 was full of ups and downs. Some hopes I have for 2011 are (not in order of importance):
1. Find and move into a place of our own again (out of my parents' basement, however I am extremely grateful for their generosity)
2. Join a gym and go religiously
3. Graduate with a 4.0 (is it possible?)
4. Find a job in Utah County so that we can move down there for Philip to attend BYU
5. Re-vamp my scripture reading and read religiously
6. Diminish eating at restaurants to twice a month at most
7. Visit Ray and Kevin in Orlando
8. Re-visit family in Oregon (have to give the state a try in the warmer months)
9. Have all my student loans paid off
10. Be a faithful and helpful companion to Philip

I think the best part of my goals is that they all are definitely achievable this year (I hate picking new years resolutions that are unachievable, and every good social worker knows do not pick goals which aren't achievable).