Sunday, May 1, 2011

A month in review

Wow, April was H-E double hockey sticks at times, but there were many ups too. I hope that my alluding to a swear word is not too offensive, but it was for lack of a better word. I made it through finals, whew, and am gearing up for my graduation ceremony. I am not technically graduating but I have to walk in the spring.

Here are some highlights I had throughout March and April (and today May 1st).

My sister Dana had her third baby boy on St. Patricks Day. His name is Matthew.

In my play therapy class we learned about sand tray therapy. It's an experiential therapy intervention in which you have the client arrange items in sand and then talk about it. For some, they may find it a bit hokey, but for certain clients it's quite beneficial. This one is mine, I'll let my readers interpret a possible meaning, but remember, in sand tray therapy one should avoid making any conclusions.

On our last day for Grief and Loss therapy, we went on a field trip to Garner Funeral Home in the Avenues. This experience was very informative and memorable for me. I also want you to see how interesting and diverse my courses have been.

My parents are doing a major remodel of their home. We helped them (we meaning Philip) build a plastic tent of some sorts while they replaced the tile with hard wood. It is still going on. I will show pictures some day of the finished product.

I took my respite girls to hunt for Easter eggs at a free Easter egg hunt at a nearby elementary school. It was over in less than 10 minutes so I had to find an emergency activity at the park to fill up time until lunch at Dee's in West Valley (which I love by the way and so do the girls).

My last day at Redwood Elementary School was last week. The office staff, counseling staff, and the administrators all threw me a going away luncheon. We had homemade cafe rio salads and they were amazing. I was really sad to leave that day. It was hard saying goodbye to the students, the students on my caseload, the teachers and the staff. I had a remarkable year there. I learned so much. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the staff. I will miss it.

They brought me a Tres Leches cake.

So very good...

Crazy weather in April, giving me many hangups when I wanted to go running outside and not on the treadmill at the gym. However at least it will make Florida even more wonderful. (This picture was taken yesterday morning)

Last, today is our Anniversary of two years. Since we cannot access the kitchen upstairs due to the hardwood drying, I made us a gourmet meal out of our microwave (not so very good but hey). Philip gave me two dozen roses. Lovely!