Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I love Halloween. This year I was a pirate along with the office, admin, and counseling staff of Redwood Elementary school (my internship). I had the privilege of participating in their costume parade this year. Do you remember when your school did that? I loved Halloween as a kid--that is why it was awesome to relive it with the kids. They are so cute. Philip and I also worked in the Halloween carnival in our ward. Philip helped me put together my costume thanks to his Ecuadorian treasures from his mission (the shirts, a turtle bag).

For my job, I took the girls to see 30 lb. pumpkins dropped from a cherry-picker by the SLC Fire Department at Gallivan Plaza. It was great to watch them explode like that. Plus it was free, always a good time as long as it's free when I am doing respite care (Medicaid money pays for this so don't worry taxpayers, I keep the entertainment costs down).